Pollywogmouth update and other birdy things

The image above, was taken on 16 November 2008 and is the best I have got of the adult and a chick. For the background and further images, read on.

In a posting last month I mentioned the onset of a breeding event for a family of Tawny Frogmouths in a big Yellow Box tree in front of my study window. On 7 November I took Tammy-the-rat out for her final toilet break and noticed a frogmouth fly into the nest site. Putting my spotlight onto the site I discovered that this was the second adult bird present. As it flew off a downy chick was spotted sitting in the nest being fed by whatever insects the visitor had delivered.

During the day the adult is keeping the chick totally covered. This is a good idea as the Pied Currawong chicks are still in their nest just upstairs and would, I am sure, enjoy a diet of Tadpolemouth. I must be without guilt, as I am casting the first stone at the 'wongs at every opportunity. Also, when occasion presents, the second stone and the odd lump of wood! I am joined in this task by a Red Wattlebird, which must have a nest in the vicinity and definitely doesn't like the Currawong.

Breaking story is that one of the Currawong chicks has just (7:11am on 9 November) made its first flight. It was a pretty pathetic effort, but it did make to another tree. This development may explain why the adults have been particularly evil that morning.

On 14 November I noticed that the brooding bird seemed more active than usual and on going round the other side of the tree found that there were now two chicks visible from the position.
Here are a couple of photos.

The image to the left is of a Common Bronzewing, one of a pair which was spotted while on our regular walk around the boundary. Always a good bird to see, especially when showing the broze patches in the wing so nicely.


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