Sunday, 16 November 2008

Also gardening ....

That should have got your attention, unless you also rate it as 'arty-farty'. It is a Red-hot Poker, which should be blooming in Autumn.

After that burst of luridity,I begin this with a photo of what I call Banksia Rose, but I suspect it isn't. It grows on the side of our deck and is covered with blossom and usually bees. A small pick of strawberries (we have been getting a serve like this or more every day for 2 weeks) and a mutant strawberry!

The following set show some iris activity. The first image shows part of the display of irises at an open garden in Burra (NSW, not SA). The second shows Frances removing hypericum and periwinkle from a garden bed with some newly planted irises in the foreground. Finally there are a couple of the newly acquired ones in closeup.

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