Friday, 28 November 2008

It's raining, it's pouring!!!!

It is a major part of Australian life generally to take note of the weather. Often this is to kvetch about it (if you come from St Kilda), to whinge (if you come from Elizabeth SA) and just to bloody moan about it (if your name is Hanrahan). However, it has seemed that recently there has been a fair bit to complain about with a large drought.

Thus it is pleasing to report that we have copped 107mm of rain so far this month. The following images are one of our downpipes rejecting the inflow it was being offered during a thunderstorm and the bark on a couple of our Eucalytpus mannifera (aka Brittle Gum) after the storm was over.

Some missed photographs were: a wombat tidying up its burrow in the creek; and Tammy-the-rodent swimming across the flooded creek. The little bugger semed very keen to leap in so I found a narrow spot and - with her on a lead for security - let her dive in. She loved it.

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