A day in the life

I have often tried to describe to people how we "fill in our days" when we are at home. So I thought that I would complete a time use diary for today.
0550 : hear dog whining so get up and take her outside to park a coil. This is better than getting up at 6:30 and having to remove a coil!
0600: dog is decoiled so make coffee and take it through to the somnolent one. (Somnolence ceases when dog jumps on bed!)
0615: commence checking emails and reading on-line news. Fix up a few other things on my computer; make breakfast for me.
0800: Frances and I take dog for walk around the block. Near the end go to inspect mining operations being undertaken by wombat in creek bed. Discover many thistles.
0900: Load up sprayer and go to speak sternly with thistles. Notice many dead Mullein - the spraying is working!
0930: Go and pick todays 500gms of strawberries!! Yum, yum, yum.
0940: Mow lawns.
1020: have another cup of coffee and check emails.
1030: More work on removing periwinkle and hypericum from garden bed.
1200: Lunch
1300: Notice frogmouth chicks visible so take some photographs and play with computer.
1400: Go to get compost to put in garden bed.
1415: Start installing watering system for tomatoes, cucurbits and further strawberries.
1600: Build new worm farm, relocate worms thereto.
1700: Investigate red wine.

There was more gardening in this than in winter; and some days when we go into town or for plant walk it is completely different, but that is a fair sample of about 6 months of the year.


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