Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Welcome to '08

The title is self-explanatory. Depending upon how things go a "You're" may get added to the title, but for now let hang with the positive!
The main business here is a review of 2007 against various semi-important headings. (The important headings - health, marriage, family etc are all very satisfactory so don't need to be covered.)

Exercise: I managed 1680 km running, plus 1135 on various bikes (= 189km running) plus 1120 exercise walking (= 358 running). This is about 2% better than achieved in 2006.

Birding: I didn't get out of Australia for the first time in about 15 years so the list was a trifle short. 238 birds for the year and 169 species in the ACT. I did manage 77 species for my home site which was pretty good for 11 months.

Finances: We still have some, despite the efforts of Dubya Bush and his buddies to transfer the entire wealth of the world to Exxon etc.

Travel: We bought a new Subaru when we got back from New York and in the first 12 months managed to cover 30,820kms at an average of 90.26 l/100kms or 30.22 miles per IMPERIAL gallon. The rather impressive total (approximately double what we used to achieve when living and working in Canberra) can be explained in part by 2 trips to Adelaide at 3,000km a pop and two more to Melbourne @ 2,000. The most interesting bit is that the fuel consumption has dropped by about 5% once we stopped taking trailer loads of tyres down to the Captains Flat tip!

Rain: The good news from 2007 was that we got some (in fact we totalled 735mm). Apparently for Canberra Airport it was still about 5% below average but what we got in Carwoola was nice. The graph below shows the actuall fall and a smoothed version of the line using a 4th order polynomial (which I bet impresses the heck out of you).

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