Saturday, 5 January 2008

January Gardening: Pt 2 Fruit and Veg

We are not yet yet at the season of mists, but the mellow fruitfulness seems to be happening.

A typical carrot, now that they seem to be going down, rather than forking about in the top couple of inches of soil. An onion - see below - and some purple beans (again below).

The next two piccies show baskets of produce with lots of onions, garlic and shallots plus a few radishes and yet more beans. I think I have commented before that we have two seasons: 'Winter' and 'when we don't go to the fruit shops'.

Here are some beans in their habitatand a sample of plums. The latter are interesting in that we are trying to keep them on the tree (and safe from bird attack, but in putting some netting up I knocked about a dozen semi-ripe fruit onto the ground. Some chutney may be in our future.

The final element of this segment is a reference to the Year of the Potato! Frances went bandicooting on 5 January and came up with a rather poor specimen of spud. This was not good news, as not only had we paid good folding stuff for the seed potatoes but we had bought several bales of straw to keep the tubers heading in the correct direction.

However on 6 January I applied a fork to another plant and got some very nice looking tubers. Following a bit of work on a BBQ (in the matter of lamb chops) I can report that the pink spuds tasted damn fine. The meal was also accompanied by a totally home grown salad - including our first Carwoola tomatoes!!!!

This image shows some of our small onions having been given the pickling treatment. The mustard seed makes it look very nice (if you can pick them up at this scale).

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