Friday, 4 January 2008

January Gardening: Pt 1 Flowers

As previously noted gardening seems to be a bit of a theme in this blog with almost monthly entries. This is not a total surprise to me, as one of our objectives for buying a big place was to have a big garden so we could grow lots of stuff. This month there will be at least 3 pages covering various aspects of this activity.

I will begin with flowers, both in the garden and on the deck. The first image shows a day lily (which despite its name has been enhancing the view from my study for some little time). This is followed by a catus dahlia with some white and red Asiatic lilies.

Now we have a close up of the white Asiatic lilies and some basic white daisies with the yellow flag iris fronds in the background.

At one point last summer Frances commented that she wasn't going to fill the decks with lots of pot plants. Yeah, right, a theory. With her ability to strike cuttings (and we will not go into detail about the acquisition process) we have a really great set of Fuschias outside all our windows. Here are a couple of the really good ones. The first image is of a double 'La Rosita" while the second is one from some friends stock, we believe to be called "Don Juan".

In addition to this exotic stuff the yellow box trees have decided to celebrate a year of more or less decent rainfall be flowering rather dramatically, Here is a close-up of one of the flowers and an unopened bud that landed on the lawn. In real life it is about 5mm across.

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