Friday, 11 January 2008

More animals

One of the common sights of Carwoola over summer has been the Eastern Blue-tongued lizards crossing the road. Some of them make it all the way, and as far as I am aware there have been no accidents involving motorists brakng for them (although the motorists do brake!!

The lizards are quite attractive when seen close up. Apparently they do quite a number on the bugs around the place so we're very pleased to have them.

We're less pleased to have these, but I thought this one was quite attractive and it gave me a chance to practise with the zoom function of my camera. It was a reasonable size - perhaps 1cm from proboscis to tail - but not as big as the March flies which can occur.

We now move to animals I really don't want: feral cats. I had let a female and her kitten go for a while in the hope that they would diminish the rabbit population. However I think they have mainly done a number on the local wrens so it was off to the RSPCA to rent a pussy trap. After baiting it with cat sardines overnight we had a winner.

The image of the kitten doesn't show what a pretty kitty it was.

The image above also doesn't show its attitude issues. Perhaps you get the idea from the industrial strength gloves I am wearing as I take it to load into the car! After another 5 days the mummy had not turned up and the sardine bait was very rancid so I gave up, but will try again later in the year..

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