2 carriages does a train make

I have always wanted to see an echidna train.  I think they can be up to 5 males pursuing a female,  Today at home we had one very randy male pursuing a female, but IMHO it still counts.  Here are a few of the photos I took.

 We were slightly puzzled by this apparent 'ear' which I have never seen before.  I'd welcome suggestion if this is really an earlobe or just some arrangement o the spines.
 I think this was the leader - assumed to be the female.  The amount of dirt in the front spines suggests it had been digging somewhere!
A close-up of nose and front claws.
 The last two are just nice images of the pair shuffling off.

I tried to be very quiet as I followed them around and it seemed to work as they showed no signs of digging in, which is their usual reaction to threats.

I put a link to this post on our Community Facebook page.  A neighbour's response include this image, which makes me laugh:


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