Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spring things - mainly

I have been a bit busy on things other than blogging the last few days so here are a few bits and pieces from today.  The starting point was probably going  outside to check on the Cyanicula caerulens situation which resolved in the negative (it is still a few days early).

On the way to discover this, I caught up with a few flowers around the garden I missed earlier in the week.  Beginning with some Hellebores growing beside the deck.
 Then a mixed bunch of snowdrops and jonquils.
 Some white jonquils.
Frances picked a bunch of these for in the house but their perfume was so strong they got exported outside again!

Heading up the block I noticed quite a large bush of Acacia gunnii.  This is an understated wattle in comparison with most of the others around here.
Of the mauve beans around the block I have had trouble finding much Hardenbergia for the last few years.  No idea what has happened to it.  The common one today was Glycine australis. - oops, no, Hovea heterophylla.
 Back at the ranch the Tawny Frogmouths are rebuilding the nest in the same spot as last year.  They have about 10 days more construction- probably 8 more carting material and then two nights of compressing it.
 The Pied Currawongs are unfortunately also rebuilding.  The red line marks the boundary between last years nest and the additions.
 I wonder if the Scarlet Robins are thinking of nesting here this year.  Whatever it is nice to see the male   ...
 .. and the female in our Pistachio tree.
 As we went out towards Queanbeyan we saw an Echidna walk across the road.  It was probably thinking about mating, as well as wondering where the next termite mound was to be found.
 Many of the above were about breeding - the last image isn't: I think.
My objective was to go and get a hair cut.  There was a bit of a wait  and then another guy came in with his Short-haired Pointer.  It was a lovely dog and I was patting its head when the next thing I knew it joined me on the lounge!  Only in Queanbeyan.

A small dog investigated my trousers very closely when I got home.

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