Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A few flowers

After the gloom of a couple of posts about public administration  I thought some photos of early flowers that have greeted us in Canberra might be good.

Frances often comments that "August isn't so bad as the wattles starts to flower."   And so it is, with splashes of Acacia dealbata everywhere.  There are a few other species beginning to show signs of flowering but I'll save them until September 1.
The next three are variations on the theme of Narcissus, in the family Amaryllidaceae.  The first, Narcissus sp is I think  a pretty standard King Alfred.
 No idea of the specifics of this one, but its job is to look pretty not answer a roll call.
 Definitely a jonquil which is also in the genus Narcissus.
 I can never remember the name of this beastie, but see comments above about roll call.
 Definitely a violet, of a cultivated fomr Viola sp.

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