Seasonal colours

On 7 April I had occasion to be in the Canberra suburb of Phillip and noticed that many of the exotic trees were showing signs of Autumn.

As I know less about exotic trees than indigenous veg - I know that is hard to believe - I'll just put up some pretty pictures to start with!  They follow a route starting on Melrose Drive and going up a walkway between the suburbs of Chifley and Pearce.

 As well as being a walkway, the route chosen follows some serious power lines.  They are so ugly they almost come out the other side towards being attractive.  (Of course, if one wants electricity one has to put up with the transmission infrastructure.)

The only flowering things around were Oleanders (which I cannot bring myself to photograph) and one excellent crepe myrtle.
It helps that it is set off by the clear blue sky behind it.

Having been inspired by the Canberra leaves I have taken a few snaps of some trees around home.

The Pin Oak in our lawn has pretty much finished the change.
Or at least the attractive part thereof.  The leaves will all go brown and stay on the tree until pushed off by new growth next Spring.

A Japanese Maple container plant has also changed.
 Our second pot maple has no leaves left after a Swampie pushed the pot over and ate all the foliage.

Two images of a larger Maple tree in the Garden.

 I am quite surprised how the willows have kept foliage until now.  In January it seemed that the dry weather was causing them to defoliate at that time!


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