Saturday, 2 April 2016

Early morning in April

Today, April 2nd, is the last day before the curtains stop fading for 6 months.

For those not familiar with the words of the late Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. sometime Premier of Queensland and failed candidate for Prime Minister, it was claimed that he was opposed to daylight saving for the Northern State because the extra hour of daylight would make the curtains fade.  It is fair enough to have Yogi Berra saying such things, but there is a difference between a baseball identity and a National Leader  One hopes that the American people realise this and do not elect the only politician more crazed than Joh.

That was a long diversion from the aim of this post which is to show some photos of the hills around here in the morning light between 0700 and 0800 this morning.

The first image was taken on Whiskers Creek Rd looking West to show the hills of Taliesin glowing redly in the sun, just rising.
 About 20 minutes later we were at the high point on Widgiewa Rd looking East across the Hoskinstown Plain to Tallaganda

Forward another 20 minutes and we are back on Whiskers Creek.  The cloud cover to the East has wiped the colour out of the hills, but the bright and light blue of the sky is a compensation for that.
Now forward 24 hours and see the sunbeams over Tallaganda:
In family lore this is referred to as "Prophets arising" which is linked to some element of the Old Testament in which a bunch of seers rose on beams of light.  Possibly Jeremiah?

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