Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A couple of Australasian icons

I'm sure these specimens are loved throughout the region not just in Australian.  In fact I am astonished that they haven't, like the Magpie and Possum, been exported to New Zealand as part payment for Phar Lap and Fred Dagg.

The first is a Laughing Kookaburra which perched for about an hour on a big tree visible from my study.
 I kept hoping it would catch some photogenic prey but it just sat there peering down at the lawn.

A little later in the day my attention was grabbed by a huge joey
peering into its mothers pouch.
I couldn't believe it would fit in there, so assumed it was just taking a guzzle.  I was wrong and it did try to enter the pouch.  It failed, and splatted on the lawn.
Being a slow learner  - sorry "differently thinking" - it tried again.  I am sure students of origami and topology would not attempt to fold something that big up so it could fit through a hole that small.
But it got there, and despite Mum suddenly getting her weight increased by about 30% off she hopped.
[Truth in advertising time:  the first two 'roo snaps were taken at a later date but so well told the tale I have added them now.}

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