Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Arthropods of February 2016

This post will gt updated over the rest of the month as additional beasties are found.  I have just got a swoop net ,,
... so have hopes that things that do turn up will be able to be constrained and photographed more readily in future.

In terms of attracting things our Buddleia is getting a heap of flowers.
I'm not sure what the butterfly above is but the one below is a Shouldered Brown.
  The next two snaps were taken indoors.  The first was up on a ceiling in the bedroom.
I think it is a cockroach.  Sorry about the trace of cobweb .   One the subject of cobwebs, they are an indicator of spiders such as a Daddy Long-legs.
The larger 'blob' is the abdomen of some other invertebrate, presumably predated by the subject of the image.

On the 24th we found an insect dead in the track leading in to our top Paddock.

Roger Farrow has identified this as a Steelblue Sawfly.  There were few records of this in the Atlas of Living Australia so I have added this observation.


sue catmint said...

I think the daddy long legs is eating something - I love this post!

Flabmeister said...

Thanks for comments Sue. It had certainly got something andit wasn't carrying it arouund without some purpose. I don't think they go in for nuptial gifts (as Hangning Flies do) so lunch was probably on its mind.