Friday, 5 February 2016

Apres le debacle

Last year we had a heavy infestation of aphids on Frances Fuchsia collection.  So they were given a spray with pyrethrum.  Unfortunately I used an incorrect sprayer which hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since using some glyphosate and trichlorpyr, so we lost about 60% of the Fuchsias and those which survived didn't flower too well.

Things are much better this year - my sprayer hygiene, as well as the fuchsia flowering.  Here is about half the collection:
 The next few images show close-ups of some of the flowers.

 I have used a flash to 'fill-in' the light in the next couple of shots.

This final shot isn't as clear as I would like - orange/red flowers often seem to have reflective petals which muck up auto-focus - but I have included it as an example of a differently-enabled flower-shape.

While I had my camera in the vicinity I also took a couple of photos of our pineapple lilies which are doing a great job.

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