Saturday, 7 June 2014

Parking is free on the weekend!

This was a constant theme on our travels around Canberra today.  (I was initially fiddling with a title full of silent pees (contra-porcelain perhaps) along the lines of Psegways, Psittacoids ...  But then Frances suggested the parking issue and it was Good!)

We started off at the National Library where I became fascinated by a Segway School going on before we entered.  The initial view was very like an Anthony Gormley art work but by the time I got back with my camera everything had sorted out as they moved on.

Keeping to the idea of silent pee, perhaps this is a Psegway Pscrum?
This combines Psegways and Psittaccidae (I'm not sure if I have the name of the Parrot and Cockatoo family correctly up to date, but apparently there are rules to taxonomy so I'm sure everything will be OK in the long run).

 Our next stop was the Drill Hall Gallery and thanks to it being the weekend we were able to get a park without invading Toad Hall.  An oak outside the Gallery was attractive to Little Corellas ....
 While another, closer to the main campus was getting attention from Australian King Parrots.

The next image is definitely a male adult!
I said they into the oak trees.  Here s an acorn taking some punishment from (I think) a female..
 After a most interesting visit to the Chifley Library we explored the rear of the Student Union.  The next few images are of the graffiti.   Clearly the site is not far from the School of Art.

Back by the Drill Hall the Corellas had decided to vary their diet by adding some weather seal.  (I'm sure this image could prove fertile soil for a caption competition.)
Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Chloe the Wonder Cat was tolerating a compact camera being pointed in her direction.  I suspect another caption comp, perhaps based around a Rolling Stones album, might be in the offing.
Personally I reckon she looks more Psatanic than any of the Stones, except possibly Keith after a hard days night.

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