Sunday, 8 June 2014

Another fruitless search for white birds

A comment was made that my previous post about searching for white birds sounded a bit desperate.  A fair call: it was desperate for Bird-a-day, and also fruitless.  Today was another go, as Great Egret has been reported in Ginninderra Creek in darkest Belconnen - I guess using the "D word" means the ABC will start investigating me.

As I drove out of Queanbeyan towards the airport I noticed these signs, which follow from a koala benig seen twice on that stretch of road.

Perhaps note that the 24.7 is usually expressed as 24/7 - it isn't the area code.

On getting to Lake Ginninderra the small dog and I headed off up the Creek towards (Lower) Giralang.  Going under the road the bridge made an attractive curve (and frame for the graffiti on the other side.
 Obviously the graffitists are not of the kayak-owning classes!  Here is a sample from the near bank.
 Further up the Creek the water is pretty shallow allow decoration f the "in-liquid" piers.
 No Egret was found, but this White-necked Heron was lurking in the reeds.
Nearly back at the Lake and we could see the start of Lawson as a residential area. I noticed that the real estate industry was adopting its usual careful approach to environmental maintenance.  One decent shower and most of that hillside will end up in the Lake.
When we returned to our start point I noticed that there was a dog run nearby so took Tammy to the small dog area where there were about 7 other smaller dogs running around.  Even though one of the - a Blue Heeler - was only 12 weeks old she was still the smallest dog in the block.  I think she had a great time - certainly she was reluctant to leave.

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