Sunday, 1 June 2014

A search for white birds

Things are getting a bit desperate in my Bird-a-Day efforts, and on Saturday we had some spare time in Canberra so went looking for a Pelican or an Egret (both whiteish birds) around Lake Burley Griffin.

We began at Kellys Swamp. This is the view from Bittern Hide.  As the regrowth has died off the water is reappearing - at least until the rushes block the view.
The same comments apply to the view from Cygnus Hide.
The Typha would not have appeared in this image 18 months ago but is now largely covering a row of perches logs provided for the ducks benefit, as well as totally occluding the view of the small island on which the spoonbill's nested.  I don't know what the solution to this is.

Out in the open water a number of Australasian Shovelers were feeding.
Some logs not hidden by the reeds were well endowed with Grey Teal and Pacific Black Ducks.
 Having failed to find white birds in the Swamp we moved round to Fulica Hide overlooking Jerrabomberra Creek.  A good level of water and few reeds.  The floating vegetation is a worry, but doesn't seem to be spreading greatly.
 Looking more closely than this image deserves some distant stumps of willows can be seen.  Hopefully something has been done to prevent regrowth.
A Darter was drying its wings.
That bird is, as an alert reader will have spotted, not white.  So it was off to Central Basin for a lap to see what was there.  This is apparently the works for a pedestrian walkway over the road.  In keeping with the placement of Memorials and Monuments around the Basin this appears to be a Monument to Over-Engineering.  I expect the final thing will look good and be easy for people in wheelchairs to negotiate but at this stage looks well above what is required for the basic job.
Looking out to the Carillion we found a white bird, or at least a bird in white.  
I hope the bride and groom had a happy day (and indeed have many more happy days).

The water in the Lake wasn't white.  As well as reflecting the clouds it was rather green due to the algal bloom.  Needless to say there was no swimming allowed.
 Here are the clouds.  They kept us moving, but the threat of rain didn't eventuate.
 The clouds had made it seem like dusk from about 3pm onwards.  By 5 it was well dark.

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