Saturday, 10 August 2013

There's trouble at t'top paddock

Yesterday (Friday) morning, even though it was quite cool (-2C) at 7:00am I was up in our top paddock.  I'll reveal the reasons for this shortly.  It was also very still as shown the total clarity of the reflections in the dam.
The air was, as one would expect in these conditions, very clear.
Pointing the camera into the direction of the sun gave a pretty "haloed" effect to some of the locals.
So why was I there?  The day before we got back one of our neighbours sent me an email to say that she had seen a sow and 4 feral piglets by our dam.  
They had been having a great time rooting up the soil.  I had made several visits to the paddock to see if I could track the miscreants down and finally on Thursday had found a big black sow and abou 8 piglets camped up in some tussocks of Wallaby grass (Joycea pallida).  I had my gun but I knew it wouldn't do them any mortal damage so I fired a couple of warning shots which seemed to encourage them to run away rather quickly.  Which they did.

I don't mix shooting a camera with shooting a gun so don't have any photographs of them,

I have alerted most of the neighbourhood to their presence and hopefully the piggies will appear in front of someone with a more powerful weapon.  In the meantime I shall try to find out what can be done to repair the damage.  And do daily checks to chase them off if they return.

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