Monday, 5 August 2013

Back home!

We are now physically back in Carwoola, although mentally I suspect I am somewhere between the UK (where we have spent the last couple of weeks) and home.   It was a very good trip and I am compiling a set of blog posts to cover the trip (which I will announce in this blog when the entries are more or less complete).  \

The small dog was pretty pleased to see and we were pleased to see her.  When we got to the kennels where she stayed in our absence it was playtime which meant she was in a paddock with about 10 other small dogs who all rushed to the gate.  She had to push herself through the ruck which she managed to do easily, even though the smallest of the bunch.

Back home all seems well.  The Acacia dealbata is flowering,

which takes the edge off the crummy weather that has greeted us.  The maximum temperature has barely scraped into double digits, the wind has blown and cloud cover seems like 11/10ths.  In contrast for the first week in the UK it was high 20s maximum every day and we only had one day of typical pommie Summer weather (ie maximum of  less than 20C and intermittent rain all day).

In our garden the Helebores have responded brilliantly to some pruning by Frances.

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