A musical interlude

During the week a friend who shares our interest in folk music sent me a message about a "House Concert" being held in Queanbeyan.

My initial thought was that this referred to concert of "house music". (The charming qualities of this form of filling in time are summarised  by "characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats, rhythms mainly provided by drum machines, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines.")  Then I noticed that Dave O'Neil was one of the performers and matters improved dramatically.  Both Frances and I intended to go, but the lurgy which has assailed us since returning from the UK had Frances severely under its spell so she didn't go.

We have seen Dave perform many times over the years, starting with Straight Ahead (both in jazz mode and folk) and going through many performances at the National Folk Festival.  Bob Rodgers was an unknown quantity - possibly because of his day job, described on the cover notes of their CD 'about time' as a senior Ar Force career - but that was no reason to avoid the event.  (Subsequent research has revealed video of them performing together as the Rum Runners.)

It was a brilliant event.  Here is the "stage".
 Here are the talent being introduced  (Bob  left, Dave right).
Bob playing the bouzouki.  A comment was made that bouzouki and mandolin have a linguistic similarity: their names are Greek and Italian for "out of tune".
Dave plays the fiddle.  Since he confessed to having gone through the ANU School of Music Jazz degree (which still seems to exist in some form despite the efforts of the bean counters) it is no surprise that he is a talented multi-instrumentalist
 I didn't get a snap of Bob playing the banjo.  Dave did ask the question

  • "If a piano accordion and a banjo are chucked out of a 10th floor window which will hit the ground first?".  
    • Before giving the correct answer, he noted that the most common answer was "Who cares?".  
    • The full points are awarded to "The accordion will always land first as the banjo will stop half way to tune up."

Security was under the control of Ellie the Wonder Dog.
If the stress of duty got too much for Ellie back-up was available with a Labradoodle pup. I will confess that with ...

  • French ancestry in the 'oodle' element of its breed and
  • insatiable appetite well to the fore in the 'labrad' component 

... I am surprised it hadn't drained the glass of red while its custodian was engrossed in the music.
A great event, so many thanks to Ros for arranging and hosting.  Other events are likely.


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