Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Phreight, Fotos and Phrogmouths

To those that have only joined me today, this concludes the saga of getting my new camera which began yesterday.  Towards the bottom of that post I commented that the parcel was in Fyshwick.  I assumed that it would thus have made it to Queanbeyan PO by the time I got there to do some other chores later this morning.

Oh dear, no it isn't.  The person who was dealing with me (Janette) asked if I had the tracking number so that she could check up where it was.  Of course, mega brain here didn't have it but I was able to drop down to a computer repair joint down the street and after handing over a whole dollar - you get great service and great value in Queanbeyan - accessed my gmail, and got the tracking code.

So, back at the PO and Janette hooks in to the in-house tracking system to find out where it is.  That tells her "Fyshwick" so she rang Fyshwick to find out why it is there as it should have been in Queanbeyan by now.  Eventually it emerges that the delivery contractor had it - helpful lad that he is.  A very big thank you to Janette for sorting this out for me.  Mobile phones were placed in contact and I met the contractor at our mailbox a short while later to get the camera.  Apparently he'd just thought it was a normal parcel rather than one which needed scanning-out.

So back home and fire up the camera.  The possible area of doubt about it is how well it will deal with bird photos as the zoom is 20X rather than the 24X of the old (failing) camera.   So I thought a snap of the Frogmouths  might be a good test.

Allowing for the fact that the sharply focused eucalypt twig was in the way I reckon these are very satisfactory images!  Thank you for the recommendation Roger Farrow!

While I have your attention I'll update on Frogmouth activities.

In 2012 I found relatively great trouble in locating the blighters at this time of year.  I failed to do so 38% of the days in May 2012 and 37% of the time in June 2012.  I found them every day we were home in May and June 2013.  Also they have changed their roosts, going back to the Eastern side of the house rather than the Western area where they lurked (when I could find them) in 2012.  The most interesting question is whether this means that they will revert to their 'old' nest site for 2013.  Time will tell, but  hope they do as it is easier to see the old nest.

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