Monday, 19 November 2012

Unusual Diuris Orchids at Carwoola

On 17 November I went for a prowl in what I call the tank paddock, since that is where our water tank is located.  I was not looking for anything specific but was surprised to find some "strange" looking orchids of the Diuris persuasion.

The two main attributes that attracted my attention were their small size (that is my pinky for comparison) ...
... and the pale colour with very little brown.

My usual experience is that I miss the crucial element of 'odd' orchids.  So here is a snap of the leaves and leaf base.
After reviewing that lot, and receiving comments from experts on the orchids of this and other areas, the conclusion that seemed to be reached was that the plants :
  • were unusual and interesting; and
  • most likely were due to a hybridisation between Diuris semilunulata and D. chryseopsis.   
We don't have a lot of the latter species (aka Golden Moths) on the place (and it is rather late for them to be active) but it sounded like a well reasoned solution to the problem.  So that is what it is.  I have marked the spot for checking next year!

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