Friday, 9 November 2012

Nearly 50 shades of grey (and several of yellow)

Unfortunately for those misled by the title, this is not about naughty stuff by old folk.  The shades of grey are the clouds over the Tallaganda NP  this morning as viewed from the top of our block.

The yellows are the clouds (or carpets - I don't want to be prescriptive in my metaphors) of yellow flowers growing on the block at the moment.  It is a magnificent display.

I'll begin with some Hibbertia obtusifolia in the foreground and Pultenaea procumbens in the background.
 Now we move on to Chrysocephalum apiculatum on its own
 and then with Bulbine lilies (Bulbine bulbosa) in the background.
 Here is a close up of the Bulbine.
Some of our friends get excited about a few plants of Xerochrysum viscosum.  Without denigrating their efforts, I think this patch in our top paddock is about an acre in extent, and we have many other smaller extents.
 Here is a close up!

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