Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

In my youth in the UK this date, November 5, was referred to as Guy Fawkes Day celebrating the arrest of Guy Fawkes for involvement in a plot to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament.  It involved many customary pursuits including:
  • Kids begging for "Penny for the guy"
  • Bonfires; and
  • Fireworks  
The second and third parts of this tradition were apparently followed - as Cracker Night - in Australia until sometime in the 1960s when it was realised that bonfires and flying ordinance were not a sensible strategy for the start of bushfire season.  So Cracker Night switched to a date in Winter.

Now, of course, fireworks are seen as a Bad Thing, and banned unless organised by a public body or a media outlet.  These are normally colourful and above all noisy: the image above comes from a media organised display on Lake Burley Griffin and we can hear the explosions of star shells at home, 23km away!

Equally colourful, but 100% quieter, are our Irises, shown below for your viewing pleasure.

As storms wereforecast a few days later Frances decided to relocate this one to a vase.
Moving a little away from Irises, but still attractive is this unusual Fuschia we acquired from a friend.
The sweet peas were purchased as seed and did nothing last year.  A great improvement in 2012.
Moving towards native flowers here we have a commercially bred Grevillea Hills Jubilee ...
and a Leptospermum (of which I have forgotten the species).
That has now aged a bit and looks very spectacular.

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