Saturday, 7 April 2012


On Good Friday the full moon was rising just on dusk.  The condition of the moon was hardly surprising since the Full Moon defines the date of Easter.  However its time of rising was a matter of serendipity.  Quite a few photos were taken!

This is the first time I have managed to get images showing the detail of the moon: usually it is just a shiny white disc.  Presumably this is something to do with the amount of contrast with ambient light and the elevation of the moon.  Note that in the first 4 images much of the difference in light in the sky is an artefact of me playing around with exposure settings!

 A more traditional (by my standards) snap, taken about an hour after the others.  I like the silhouette effect.
The next night (Saturday 7 April) the moon was still full and a couple of shots with silhouetted trees were captured.


Denis Wilson said...

Glad you took some shots, Martin, as I forgot to.
I was inside on the Computer.
I had seen it the previous day and said to Alan I ought get some pictures tomorrow.
Oh, well, you did it for me.

Mary Chamie said...

Very nice shots, Martin. Joe and I were just standing outside watching with fascination the shimmer of the moon on the ocean tonight. It is truly a lovely and reflective evening. Glad yours was too.

Flabmeister said...

thanks Denis and Mary.

It is not surprising that the moon is in the same situation at Robertson (1.5hrs away by road).

Intellectually it shouldn't be surprising that it is the same in the Bahamas. However my knee-jerk reaction was "How interesting that it's the same all that way away.".