Sunday, 1 April 2012

March updates

Usual update stuff.

As well as the specifics shown below I have made many additions to the various flood related posts as things developed.  This one probably has the most general interest.
  • An initial image of the new Cotter dam overtopping was added to the flood post and followed by a shot of the floodlit overflow.  A 30 March screenshot from damcam is below: the blue crane on the wall is quite active, showing that there is work going on - my guess is that it is hauling out the many tonnes of timber trapped between the old and new walls.
  • Some images of the pink Eriochilus have been included and several other updates made to that post. 
  • Several additional types of fungi have appeared and been added. 
  • the second post about  Phallus rubicundus has been added to as more have been found, including a couple of extra sites.
  • Images of Apple Box flowering have been added. 
  • Comments about Fleabane have been added to my reveg blog
  • various spectacular bits of Autumn colour seem to be occurring a tad early. 
  • The small dog performed again!
  • A second walk near Lake George has been added
  • I updated the ladybird post a couple of times after initially posting it

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