Friday, 6 April 2012

Mellow, yes: Fruitfulness, also yes

I have commented in the past that a joy of rural living is the produce we grow.  That has been a tad more challenging for the past three years as the rain has caused things to get diseased or waterlogged.  We are getting more used to this (probably signals the return of drought) and this year have scored a good selection of apples and pears.

As some of them were beginning to repeat the lesson given to Sir Isaac Newton it was harvest time.  Of course without the bird netting shown in the first two images the harvest would have been close to zero, and the local Rosellas would be too fat to fly!

The nice basket shown in the 3rd image is one of many acquired over time from the Elmslea boutique (aka the Bungendore tip).

There are other crops also growing.  On Good Friday I went and harvested them.
This shows them a bit spread out.  Some of the tomatoes were from an earlier pick: we have found that leaving them on the vines has led to invertebrate and/or fungus attack so have taken to ripening them on a window ledge.
I have been counselled:, these baskets do not come from the tip but from Brighton SA!

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