Friday, 16 December 2011

Suillus granulatus: confusing fungi.

While walking the dog this morning I noticed a lot of fungi around a few Pinus radiata trees near our main creek.

At a quick glance I thought I could see gills and concluded that they were Gymnopilus junonious.  However Frances applied her eyes a little better and opined, correctly, that they were spongey - ie a bolete.  This image shows how the 'tubes' in the interior of the fruiting body resemble gills and the actual spongey surface.
 So having determined that they are a bolete the question is which one?  My usual starting point is the huge Phlebotus marginatus (which has been found on the property) but these were in large numbers and modest in size.  My next guess in the field, referring to A Field Guide to Australian Fungi was Suillus luteus, even though the purple annulus was not evident.

On returning to my computer I consulted Australian Fungi - a blog (thanks Gaye) and found that without the purple anulus the fungus was Suillus granulatus which, like S luteus, is found around pines.  Here is an image of one of the patches of fungus.  My estimate is that there were around 200 fruiting bodies around the clump of pines (the circumference of the clump being about 80m).

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
You must have had lots of unseasonal rain.
Up here, those guys "fruit" in Autumn.
200 is a great crop.
Gaye's Blog is terrific isn't it?
She isn't very active, but sent me a New Year greeting yesterday, so she is still around.