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Friday, 14 August 2009

Things that that go "bonk" in the afternoon

At about 4pm on 14 August the small dog went ballistic. Not unusual, but nothing could be seen on the lawn to attract her attention so the lead was attached and we went outside. She immediately started snuffling along the deck , ending up at the East end of the house where she found an echidna. Almost immediately another appeared.

By the time Frances got back with the camera they had gone searching for privacy under the deck. Sorry, as evident from the above, privacy was not available then and there. 10 minutes later they had vanished: I hope they had a nice time!

According to the Australian Museum "Complete Book of Australian mammals" echidnas breed in July and August so this pair were bang (you should excuse that choice of word) on time.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Great image.
The male has a spiky pre-dick-ament.