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This blog started when we lived in a Carwoola, a rural residential area close to Canberra. We are moving to a split lifestyle with an apartment in Civic in Canberra and a larger house at Mallacoota in Victoria. Posts about the new residences will start when we complete the moves.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Also snuggling

As well as the echidnas which featured in the last post there has been a fair amount of snuggling going on around Carwoola in recent days.
The largest offenders have been a pair of wombats, whose activities I referred to a few days back. They have been seen in romantic postures several times recently but the female always bolts when I turn up with a camera. The male is much more laid back so he gets a picture. I'm trying to think of appropriate names but can't think of a couple in which the male is a camera hog and the female shy. Bill and Hill? I don't think so. Perhaps Kev and Therese?

Although not so (physically) large the tawny frogmouths do more snuggling per kilogram than any other species I can think of. They seem to spend all daylight hours cuddled up together. Sometimes trying to fool the small dog that they are branches (as here) and on other occasions cramming as close to the trunk as they can- especially when the Magpies are in bomb mode.

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Denis Wilson said...

That's a very fat, and complacent Wombat.
Nice Frogmouths.