Thursday, 16 April 2009

The season of mellow fruitfulness

Thus far Autumn (or Fall as some misguided countries call it) has not been very misty. This is actually a major change for Canberra, where, in the past, there was always a fair chance that the airport would be closed early in the morning.

After that unbracketed parenthesis, let us get back to the remainder of the cliche with some photographs of the grapes from the garden.

Here are a couple of images of some of our apples. They have been quite successful as a result of a) pruning; b) netting the trees to keep the parrots off; and c) relocation of the arboreal marsupials aka possums.

The image to the left is not of apples, as many of you will have noticed. These (except for the strawberries) are in fact butternut pumpkins which we have picked to avoid the frost. This is a change from previous thinking in which the frost was seen as desirable to harden them off. Old thinking does apply to Queensland blues so they are still on the vine, an an image will be posted in due course.

Autumn is also the time to be getting the stuff out of the ground. I won't use the word "roots since it may be taken out of context. While the pumpkins have a future life in bread, and as soup we have yet to decide what to do with the rutabagas.

That is about all for the fruit and veg side of things.

The digging part of the year has arrived with patches dug and filled here and there for the 500 daffodils acquired earlier in the year and tulip bed creation scheduled for today(23 April). In the vegie garden patches have been dug for the eating broad beans section (must remember to start consuming last year's crop) and garlic.

I felt I had to include an image of the flower bed outside our bedroom, with our array of Chrysanthemums. We have some others, genetically identical, in another bed and they are poor, miserable, little things. It appears to be due to the imaged bed getting a lot of water and the other resembling Egypt away from the Nile.

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