The N(S)FF - Humour

Given the garbage of administration it is good there was some humour around. It is a pity that many of the performers were deadly earnest in promoting their causes, but possibly the humour of the Spookies explained their popularity?

They continued their practise of putting up small signs with pun ridden philosophies all round the place. Some samples:
  • SpookyBreakfast Convention toasts cereal offenders.
  • Spooky choir rejects enhancement claims "Manboobs are all our own work".
  • Spooky tenor claims are bass less.
Some photos:

A good line by the Head Spooky in one of their gigs, where he mentioned things that could muck up a romantic getaway. His killer was ".. finding that every other room in your resort has been allocated to the 250 members of Morris Dancers for Jesus."

Warren Fahey -the founder of Larrikin records and a stalwart of the Australian folk scene - did a song and chat session of bush music. It included a grizzle about the rising cost of sheep in Australia. He then concluded that it was the same in New Zealand where the price of lamb was now $20 an hour.

Of course Big Rory and Ochie were travelling around the site. Big Rory plays a Scot on Stilts while his wife dresses in a dog costume and gallops around sniffing crutches and simulating pissing on folk! And this is their profession!


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