Saturday, 25 April 2009

More lizzid

ANZAC Day was its traditional drizzly cold self. Quite appropriate for a day commemorating the folk who died in the mud of Flanders.

It did however seem a bit strange to find an Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard clambering about beside our drive.

The reptile was found by Tammy, who was quite keen to play with it. We were not keen for this to happen at all and were pleased a chicken wire fence was between them. Apart from the principle of not damaging the wildlife when possible, anything that eats bugs is to be encouraged.

  • For those of an inquisitive mind, this is a good site about the species and its relatives.
  • For those wondering about the word "More" in the title of this post see, which also includes an image of the closely related Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard.

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