Pollywogmouths on the horizon?

This post was originally titled "Tadpolemouthson the horizon" but I then remembered the Adelaide name for juvenile amphibians and decided that was more romantic.

One afternoon in early October I became aware that a Pied Currawong was disturbed by something in the tree which the 'wong had established a nest. It turned out to be a Tawny Frogmouth. A couple of days later I looked, from my study, at the position in which the Frogmouth had been sitting and realised it was on a nest!!! Thus the photos.

To my surprise the bird did not get at all fussed about me mowing the lawn right underneath it.'s possie. Also it seems to have achieved a detente cordiale with the 'wong. Watch this blog for updates.

In fact the first update came a little sooner than expected. The day after I discovered the nest my attention was drawn to a smaller tree nearby in which there was much twittering of Striated Thornbills. The cause of ther excitement was a second Tawny Frogmouth: for once sitting in a perfect position for photography. And to prove it ...


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