If a tree falls in the forest ...

... and just misses sundry members of the Australia Native Plants Society is it a message from God?

... and if so what does it mean? Was He hoping to get a trail bike rider and realised at the last moment His infallibility was slipping a bit? Did he think Sarah Palin was in the group and suddenly realised we were all 20- 30 years older than her (and have about an extra 60 points on our IQ rating)?

On the Wednesday walk on 8 October this 10m high tree - I think Acacia decurrens (I just go along to ID the birds and talk to some very pleasant and interesting people) - fell between two parts of the walking group. Had it actually hit someone it would have been interesting as we were about 3km from the cars and about 15km of crappy roads from a medical service.


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