Spring flowers - native

The following images are of some of the flowers around our block and others seen on a trip led by Ian Fraser to parts of the Shoalhaven Valley. They are, in the order they appear to me,
  • Pattersonia (blue) with some legume in front of it;
  • a Monga Waratah - a great desktop image at full size; mail me if you'd like a 2Mb copy;
  • a sundew (Drosera sp) having lunch;
  • A Grevillea;
  • One of the Wahlenbergias - also known as Australian Bluebells. One of the species is the 'State' flower of the ACT. The photo is a bit blurry as the flower was waving arund in gale force winds.
  • Diuris sulphurea - a donkey orchid, of which we now have a lot of clumps around the property; and
  • a greenhood orchid (Hymenochilus sp).


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