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Friday, 27 July 2018

Definitely the same bird!

I seem to have brought a cold down to Mallacoota with me, but hopefully it will soon waft off to count the Gannets out to sea!  The sunrise was pretty good.

 While looking at the sunrise a noise drew my attention to the lawn.  Its always good to see a Lyrebird (unless they are scratching out your shrubs).  Shortly after I took this a second bird appeared and they ran up the drive.
 Our dog walk was as always very pleasant, but I can't recall any excitements.  Due to my cold we did one of our shorter walks along Quarry Beach.  The tide was very low so we were able to get to a small cove a little further North than we often do.
 A lot of seaweed was also visible on the rocks, suggesting that not only was it  low tide, but a Spring tide (coinciding with a full moon as should be the case).
 The traditional group of Australian Pied Oystercatchers were on the beach, but only 10 of them this time rather than 30 as last visit.
 For reasons best known to them most of them were standing on one leg.  They were even hopping on one leg.  I wondered if sharks or such like had been very active.
 The they started to run and all miraculously developed a second leg!  This one showed that it is the same banded bird (note title of post) that has been turning up in various spots around Mallacoota for about a year, having been originally banded about 350km away.  It has been reported to the Bird and Bat Banding Scheme!
 More seaweed!
Tracks in the sand.  I'm not sure how visible these are on your screen, but the prints in a line left to right are by Tammy, and are somewhat smaller that the top to bottom tracks left by the Oystercatchers,
 Oystercatcher tracks.
 A nice little bit of art left by a visitor.  As it was about 150cm above the sand I suspect it was done by an adult.  I'm unsure if it is a knight (vide the sword in the left hand) or a coal miner (vide the helmet and pickaxe).
 Heading back into town a Kestrel posed nicely on the powerlines.
Across the road in a garden we spotted 2 Bassian Thrushes feeding among the watch geese patrolling a lawn.

After dark a cute Brush-tailed Possum turned up in the bird feeder.
Hmmm - I don't know about cute: this shot shows the inner demon spawn about to gallop on the deck in the middle of the night.
So it got a smack on the bum and disappeared!

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