A view of the Thai Cave rescue

I have copied this from the ABC Website.  I reckon its charming and clever rather than cute!  I have tried to get the original from the Thai Navy Seal page but it doesn't travel well 

A charming representation of the rescue

Here's something that's a bit cute: Thai Navy SEAL has posted this image on its Facebook pagerepresenting the rescue operation.
Each animal is representative of those involved in the operation. They are as follows:
  • Wild Boars: The children and coach
  • White Elephant: Governor Narongsak 
  • White horse: "All heroes … involved in the mission. You are the knight in shining armour riding the white horse to help us!"
  • Seal: "Of course … Thai NavySEAL Hooyah!"
  • Frog: The divers 
  • Naga (Dragon): water pumping and drilling teams
The rescuers from around the world are represented by:
  • Lion: England
  • Kangaroo: Australia
  • Panda: China 
  • Crane: Japan
  • Moose: Sweden
  • Tiger: Myanmar
  • Brown Elephant: Loas
  • Dog: K9 unit
  • Martin: birds nest collecting climbers from Libong Thailand ( Note by MB: these guys were exploring the mountain looking for other ways into the cave)
  • Eagle: United States
And others:
  • Iron man: Elon Musk
  • Birds: the media 
  • Crow: "just some bad comments/people/obstacle. No-need to pay much attention."


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