Monday, 6 July 2015

Seen in Queanbeyan

The first item relates to a current topic of discussion on the Carwoola residents hotline.  As I was passing through Riverside Plaza I noticed this placard outside the Telstra shop.
The residents of Carwoola are well and truly NBN ready: unfortunately NBN Co is not Carwoola-ready.  They are offering us the level of service they are offering the far outback and Australia's offshore Territories.  This is hopefully going to get resolved in a positive way (for residents, not necessarily the bloated profits of NBN Co) through a community meeting.

Also noted a little further from the CBD was a mob of 35 large Eastern Grey Kangaroos sprawled on the back of a green on the Royal Queanbeyan Golf Course.  I wonder if they have special rules for the ball whacking a macropod?

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