Friday, 3 July 2015

June Weather report

Winter anyone?  Basically cold and with above average rain (but little wind).


One significant rainfall event over three days gave us above average precipitation during the month.
Non-trivial (ie >0.2mm) precipitation occurred on another 3 days.  Combined with cool weather - and thus low evaporation has kept Whiskers Creek running for the whole month.


I said it was cold! We had a ground frost (below zero) on 22 days and an air frost (above zero but less than 2oC) on another day.  The maximum got above 15oC once but was only below 10oC on 6 days, so it could have been worse.  Also, looking at windchill gives a chart which almost exactly overlays the minimum temperature line which I suspect means it was still around dawn. 

I checked the longer term averages (due to issues with weather stations, for June this means comparing with last year) and the average maximum was slightly high while the average minimum was a good bit - nearly 3oC lower. (I think this reflects the number of rainy - thus cloudy and relatively warm days in June 2014.)  The charts are not interesting enough to waste your bandwidth on!


A quite moist month, with no 3pm readings below 40% rH.
That being said it was less humid - on that measure - than 2014.  I think I have mentioned last year's rain.


As suggested above it was quite a still month.

This is emphasised by looking at my longer term measure which takes the average of the highest gusts each 30 minutes through the day.  For June 2015 this was 4.3 km/h, the lowest I have recorded.  The value is commonly above 7 km/h (although a few other readings have been around 4.9 km/h).

When I first drafted this section I  was reflecting on how still it has been on our early morning dog walks.  So I looked at the average 6am gust speed, by month, for the last 20 months and found it always to be quite low.  Certainly June 2015 was not unusual.  I then looked at the noon gust speed, which did show what I expected:

Possibly this is cherry-picking (if not going for the low-hanging fruit, to get a few cliches off my chest) but it is at least consistent with other observations.

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