Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Macropod food

Macropods (ie kangaroos and wallabies) eat vegetable matter.  Even Macropus giganteus bicaputus (the Two-headed Eastern Grey Kangaroo) likes grass.
 Up in our top paddock, where 'roos are very thick at the moment, they have grazed it down quite heavily.  For some reason they don't seem keen on eating lilies, which are also monocotyledons.  The first native lilies to emerge have been the Early Nancies which I have covered in a previous post.  They are still around and the later common member of the family, Bulbine bulbosa is just beginning to emerge.

With luck I will also find some members of the genus Arthropodium (Chocolate and vanilla lilies) later in the season.

Generally it is considered that macropods do not like dicotyledons.  An exception to this guideline is the Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor which browses shrubs and trees rather than grazing grass.
We had been wondering what had been trimming off some of our camellias.  I think this image would constitute a metaphorical smoking gun!   We actually like Swampies so there was not a literal smoking gun in this one's future.  A hurled gumboot seemed to give this rascal the idea that while food may not be greener on the far side of the fence life is more peaceful there.

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