Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Roos in the morning

While checking emails and my usual daily sites I noticed a small mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos hanging about on the hillside out the window.

Apart from illustrating several of the usual positions adopted by 'roos this gives a "hook" for a story from Sunday. 

I was taking the small dog for a walk, as we do every morning, and heard some loud grunting.  This turned out to be a pair of male kangaroos discussing 'issues".  I have posted about this in the past so my lack of a camera doesn't matter.  Although we were only about 10m from them the roos carried on kicking each other, with the thuds clearly audible.

The small dog was very interested in this performance but didn't bark.  Obviously both she and the roos are thoroughly habituated to each other.  We had to  move off first, leaving the furry gentlemen still sinking the slipper into each other.

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