Friday, 6 January 2012

Fly (or crawl) United!

I have previously posted about the habits of damselflies careering around whilst mating.  Yesterday I came across a pair of Vine moths (Phalaenoides glycinae) performing much the same feat.
I was quite intrigued that they seemed to fly quite well with the insects facing in opposite directions.  Well enough at least, that I couldn't get a better image!  (I have been told that Cairns Birdwings  - huge butterflies - also adopt this position for flight at times.)

A few days later I came across a pair of craneflies doing the business.

Shortly thereafter I came across a horde of Plague Soldier Beetles (Chauliognathus lugubris) most of whom seemed to be crawling whilst conjoined.
On arriving home I found one of our white daisies had been invaded by a pair of Flower Scarabs Polystigma punctata.  They were so preoccupied I managed to get a couple of reasonable images.

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