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This blog started when we lived in a Carwoola, a rural residential area close to Canberra. We are moving to a split lifestyle with an apartment in Civic in Canberra and a larger house at Mallacoota in Victoria. Posts about the new residences will start when we complete the moves.

Friday, 4 September 2009

More spring flowers

If this is boring for you, you really need to get out more!

This first image is of some of the daffs growing down our drive. I have included this to show the benefits of a '300 mixed' purchase. Note that each of these 4 blooms is very different.

Here we have some more daffs, in a massed planting under a prunus (?). These are very nice with a staged blooming pattern They are blocked from the kitchen window by some broom trees: I forsee some serious pruning/bonsai work in my future.

As well as daffs we have some tulips - which have escaped the attention of the crimson rosellas.

In an earlier post (2 years ago) I covered some direct seeding. That has been quite succesful, and some of the Acacias (possibly A. buxifolia) are now flowering.

The next two are of flowers seen on the ANPS walk on 2 September. One is a blue orchid Cyanicula caerulea and the other Dodonea viscosa, the sticky hop bush (with visiting bee). I am sure you'll work out which is which!

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