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This blog started when we lived in a Carwoola, a rural residential area close to Canberra. We are moving to a split lifestyle with an apartment in Civic in Canberra and a larger house at Mallacoota in Victoria. Posts about the new residences will start when we complete the moves.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hughie obliges (finally)

For the benefit of the non-Australians - and possibly the younger Ockers - I will put in this link which explains the title.
After a year of miserable rainfall - Whiskers Creek hadn't run since about February - a good shower (5mm) came on Monday (21 September 2009) evening. Tuesday started with a major dust storm and just as evening fell a thunder storm arrived and dumped another 5mm. Then about 7pm it really started and came down for about 3 hours. By 7am on the Wednesday we had accumulated another 19mm.
The dams have all risen (one to the point of overflowing) and both Whiskers Creek and the smaller creek in the top paddock are both running.
The sprinkler system for the lawns has been turned off for the duration of our trip to Peru!

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