Canine update

Our wee pooch has had a few adventures recently.

Adventure 1

We take Tammy for a walk round the block most mornings. She gets to bark at a bunch of 'roos in various spots and at 1 place (in a variant of the standard walk) she gets to jump through a cyclone square grid fence. Usually these two factors are separate and she is very polite in waiting to be told to go through the fence . However one day in late April the two factors coincided and she ripped through the fence pulling the lead out of my hand.

She took off up the paddock on the far side of the fence at Warp Factor N with Martin puffing (also swearing) along behind at Warp Factor M (where M < N). To my great surprise when she got about 50m away she turned and came trotting back, looking very pleased with herself.

Adventure 2

One night I put on the outside light to take her out for the final cr@p-call of the evening and she spotted a large roo on the lawn. Much barking and dancing around in the lounge, during which she jumped against the door. This swung open and she swung out at Warp Factor P (where P > -big time - than N). We have a metre high deck opposite the door. She was still accelerating when she got to the edge of the deck and landed about 6m out on the lawn.

My thought was that she was gone for ever, as this time she didn't even have the lead on. However, by the time I got out with the lead and the spotlight she was cruising the lawn making sure there were no more intruders. Good Dog!

Adventure 3

Normally when she is disturbed in the night it means a cr@p-call is needed so she gets taken outside and does the business PDQ. Last night when she got out there she just sat on the lawn and looked miserable. She also didn't rocket down the hall to her bed. When I got up at 6am she didn't want to go outside and yelped in great pain when I tried to pick her up. She didn't really seem willing to walk. Oh dear, something is wrong. Various options occurred:
  • she had mucked up eating a bone and got something stuck inside;
  • the cheap treats we had bought had perforated a bowel;
  • she'd eaten a Warfarin infested rodent.
Off to the vet. he rapidly decided that she was not in fact suffering from an abdominal problem but had a buggered disc. He gave her some shots to fix up the disc problem. So she walked out of the surgery and did a 2km walk when we got home. He is a magician, and she is a lucky dog.


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