Saturday, 2 May 2009

Autumn at Camp Butterfield (Southern Annex)

After a very long and hot Summer we seem to have dropped (Fallen??) into Autumn.

This has revealed itself by the leaves on the Pin-oak and Pistachio trees in our lawn turning from green to red or orange and the temperature dropping rather dramatically. Here is a picture of the Pistachio tree in the morning sunlight!

And here is one of the leaves on the lawn a little later in the month.

As a result of the dropping temperature we have shifted all the plants off the deck into Frances' potting shed or the sunroom. The latter has been graced with this tuberious begonia.

Meanwhile out in the garden a camellia - possibly a susanqua - has got really in front of the game

Another effect of the dropping temperature is that certain reptiles seem to have vanished so we can allow the pooch to roam in the vegie garden. She has really enjoyed this but seems to sack out rather completely in the evenings.

Here is what she is sacking out in front of.

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