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This afternoon I went for a walk around the block to do a last look for birds in this year of the COG Garden Bird Survey. As it was blowing a NW gale there were few birds around an those that were present were generally moving rapidly towards the SE. As I got back to the end of the lawn I noticed a lot of water laying about.

Hmm. We had had about 6mm of rain in the last few days but not enough to cause that. Then I looked and could see a large hump in the lawn that hadn't been there before. When I stood on it, it went 'squelch". Oh, fornicating faecal matter!!! After a few minutes rapid spade work I found a large bore (say 7cm) pipe with a nice joiner in it - or should I say NEARLY in it. We were talking leak city!

There are a number of lengths of pipe disappearing into various parts of the property and this looked as though it was related to one or more of them. My hope was that it was in some way related to one that emerges from our dam: on inspection it seemed that this was a possible source of the water, so I pulled it out of the dam. The flow was still happening when I got back to the mini-swamp but then I thought that there could have been quite a lot of water in the pipe - I've subsequently calculated about 600 litres - so muttered a few more choice words and left it.

One of the less pleasant options was that it was in fact our household supply leaking so I went a checked that out, and the tank was as full as the indicator suggested. Blood pressure reduces to about 1000/400. By the time this has happened it is pretty much dark but the light from my headlamp showed the flow had stopped! Thank deity!!


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